Alumni Spotlight

Nationally Competitive Awards

The International Scholars students represent 0.5% of the College of Charleston student body, but they have won 18% of the nationally competitive awards since 2013. Below are some examples of awards won by Scholars.

  • Critical Language Scholarships (State Department)
  • Fulbright
  • Gates Millennium Scholar
  • Humanity in Action
  • Phi Kappa Phi Graduate Fellowship
  • Deutsche Akademische Austauschdienst (German Academic Exchange Service)
  • National Institute of Health Postbac
  • Hollings Fellowship
  • Jack Kent Cooke Undergraduate Scholarship

International Scholars Alumni

Alumni of the Program work in many different fields and parts of the world. Below are featured examples of the recent endeavors of several ISP graduates from each class:

Class of 2016:

Polina Aleshina: Enrolled in MS/Ph.D. program in International Relations at Georgia Tech. Senior Policy Analyst at Governor’s Office of Student Achievement, and NC Corporation.

Derek Berry: Novelist at PRA Publishing. Published “Heathens and Liars of Lickskillet County” in February of 2016 and is working on his second novel.

Madeline Edwards: Madeline lives in Beirut and is the English Editor for SyriaUntold. She is a freelance journalist for a number of periodicals including Al-Arabiya.

Malcolm Kates: Finished medical school at University of Florida and is beginning his ophthalmology residency at Alabama-Birmingham.

Eden Katz: Fulbright Full Grant to Uganda. Completing a degree in Nursing/Midwifery at Yale University.

Joseph Quisol: Graduated from the Kennedy School at Harvard.  He is a musician and a design, media and education consultant for the People’s Alliance of San Mateo County.

Class of 2017:

Kathleen Crotty: Started a graduate program in anthropology at the University of Maryland.

John Taylor Hall: Received a full ride for an MS in International Affairs from the Bush School of Government at Texas A&M. Works for Unimex Trade and Logistics as a customs broker.

Bailey Kirkland: Enrolled in a Ph.D. program in Economics at University of Wyoming.

Morgan Larimer: Won a Rotary Global Grant and earned an MS in Water and Governance at King’s College London. Now working for the Department of Natural Resources in Alaska.

Maggie Panetta: Program Manager Middle East at International Rescue Committee. 

Sarah Wiegreffe: Attending a Ph.D. program in Computer Science at Georgia Tech on a full ride. Plans to become a professor upon graduation.

Class of 2018:

Maitland Barton: Completed an MS in human resource management at the University of Hong Kong and now works at Upper, a human resources company in Berlin, Germany.

Meredith Grant: Attending law school at the University of Florida on a full ride.

Reilly Kilpatrick: Finished PA school at MUSC and is now working at a practice on Daniel Island.

Madeline Leibin: Earned a Rotary Global grant that will pay for an MS degree in Conflict Management from the University of Tel Aviv.  Interned at Amnesty International; first year at NYU Law School.

Rachel Nichols: Working at MUSC and participating in an accelerated RN program.

Eric Singleton: Grant specialist at the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation working on women’s health issues.


Class of 2019:

Alia Kapasi: Staff Academy Cohort Member at National Democratic Training Center.

Catie Hutchinson: Teach for America in South Carolina.

Sydney Moreano: Global Media Assistant at Calvin Klein in NYC.

Kevin O’Dell: MS program at United Nations University in Maastricht, Netherlands. Hopes to join UN or State Department

Tarrah Rothwell: Entering graduate school in Europe and accepted into an MS program at Cambridge for Criminal Justice.

Sydney Zazzaro: Legal Administrative Assistant at Chilico & Associates. Now on a full-ride scholarship to Boston University School of Law.

Class of 2020

Rachel Bradley: Researcher with Knowledge Capital Group, in Washington, DC. Plans to attend graduate school.

Daniel Cramer: Research Associate at Texas State Senate. Accepted to Washburn Law School.

Madison Crowe: English Language Assistant at North American Language and Culture Assistants Program.

Mary Geer Kirkland: Attending Law School at USC Columbia.

Abbie Kline: AmeriCorps VISTA for Switch in Greenville, SC.

Asia Pitts: Supervisory position at the Savannah Area Faith Network.

Class of 2021:

Micah Feinstein: starting a full-time position at Venture for America, an urban nonprofit that encourages social entrepreneurship.

Katie Hill: serving as a Foster Care Case Manager for the City of North Charleston. After working for a year, she hopes to earn an MS from the University of London in African Politics.

Kelly Lifchez: earned a CLS in Russian which she will complete this summer and fall. Her long-term goal is to join the state department.

Mary Britt McDonald: attends medical school at USC Greenville.

Sophia Stoios: Will move to Dubai in the UAE to work as a paid intern for World Class Scholars.

Elizabeth Sheldon: graduated a year early to join Representative Joe Cunningham’s staff.  She is now his press speaker.

Class of 2022:  

Jessica Beck: Plans to work at a non-profit while studying for the GRE and taking the Foreign Service exam.

Kendall Costanzo: Accepted a position as a producer associate at Arthur J. Gallagher in Denver, CO.

Gabrielle Loue: Applying to graduate school in Estonia and hopes to become an editor or publicist.
Chloe Mattila: Attending MUSC to earn a Ph.D. in Biostatistics.
Emilia Olson: Attending the Karolinska Institute in Sweden to obtain an MS in Global Health; will then return to the US for medical school.
Catherine Wershing: Attending law school at Loyola University.